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4 reasons to use SATIN CAP (for any TYPE of hairs!)

4 reasons to use SATIN CAP (for any TYPE of hairs!)

4 reasons to use SATIN CAP (for any TYPE of hairs!)


It’s challenging to catch our beauty sleep when we’re stressed about how our hair is going to look like in the morning! 

But thanks to God we have one of the best arsenals: a satin bonnet. Getting a satin bonnet is one sure way to keep those straight, curls, locs and braids hair looking amazing and healthy.



Check now 4 reasons why you should start to wear them:


1- Prevents Tangling! 

I am sure that you already woke up with your hair looking like a tangled mess, with kinks and tangles that make you wonder how did you get into a fight while sleeping?! A satin cap will save you from this crisis. No new tangles or kinks will make your life SUPER easier!

2- Minimizes Frizz

Did you know that moving while we sleep provokes friction and stress on our hair? Wearing a satin bonnet is actually a good solution for that!
It minimizes the amount of frizz, knots, thinning and breakage on our hair.

3- Keeps your hair hydrated

Those high-thread cotton or linen sheets that we use, actually absorb all the product from our hair, making it dry. However, a satin cap is also the solution! It will ensure your product remains in every part of your hair and keeps as well your sheets clean!

4- It protects hairstyles

With our busy lives and schedules makes it hard to find time to style our hair in the morning, right? So, the hair caps, especially satin, keep straight, curls and braided styles untouched while we take our precious sleep time (zZzZ), letting you wake up a little bit later with a hairstyle ready to go!  


What are you waiting to buy your satin cap? RUN!

We have on our store!


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