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Shine N Jam Magic Fingers Setting Mousse

Shine N Jam Magic Fingers Setting Mousse


As a braider/hair stylist, or any individual who visits a beauty supply store for their own personal purposes, you are surely familiar with the product line Shine N Jam.

It is one of the most popular line of products in the hair industry today with various hair jams under its name. In recent times, Shine N Jam has come out with a line specifically created for braiders!

This includes the jam and the setting mousse that are great for natural hair!

This Shine N Jam line for braiders has derived from a collaboration between the Shine N Jam brand and a successful internationally known salon studio owner named Stasha Harris. Her studio in Jew York, Brooklyn to be exact, can be found under the name Magic Fingers Studio. This line of products can be found in red jars or bottles that can be easily distinguishable from the other Shine N Jam products, which often appear in colors such as orange, purple, or black jars.



The Shine N Jam Magic Fingers Setting Mousse is an alcohol-free can be found in a long 12 fl oz (354 mL) tin spray bottle. This mousse is infused with ingredients including wheat protein and avocado that assist in strengthening the hair and providing it with the necessary nutrients while the hair is in its braided/styled state.

Another ingredient that can be found in this product Is jojoba oil, which is an essential oil that keep the scalp moisturized, hydrated, and the hair itself, soft. Use the Shine N Jam Magic Fingers Setting Mousse as your new alternative to set your styles in such a way that prevents fly aways and gives you a very long-lasting style!

Product Uses:

  • Provides an extra firm hold to your braid styles
  • Controls fly aways
  • Conditions hair after application


  • Apply the mousse directly onto the freshly braided hairstyle
  • Work the product around to completely saturate the entire style
  • Place a durag (or any satin/silk material that can help tame the fly aways) over the hairstyle
  • Use a hand-held blow dryer or sit under a hooded dryer for 3-5 minutes
  • Add shine to the style with Magic Fingers Finishing Sheen for Braiders or your preferred sheen spray

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