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Shine n Jam Magic Fingers for Braiders

Shine n Jam Magic Fingers for Braiders



Introducing Shine ‘n Jam® Magic Fingers™, the ultimate versatile hair product that works wonders on all hair textures. Whether you’re rocking braids, ponytails, locs, or twists, this product is designed to help you achieve multiple styles with ease.






  • Aqua: Water as the base ingredient.
  • Ceteareth-25: An emulsifying agent that helps distribute the product evenly through the hair.
  • Glycerin: A moisturizing ingredient that helps hydrate the hair.
  • Oleth-5: A surfactant and emulsifying agent that helps create a smooth texture.
  • Peg-20 Hydrogenated Lanolin: A conditioning agent that helps soften and smooth the hair.
  • Mineral Oil: Provides moisture and adds shine to the hair.
  • Fragrance: Adds a pleasant scent to the product.
  • Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit Oil: Olive oil known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.
  • DMDM Hydantoin: A preservative to ensure product shelf life.
  • Hydrolyzed Silk Protein: Helps improve the strength and elasticity of the hair.
  • Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate: A preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.




Please note that the glycerin in Shine ‘n Jam is USP Kosher Vegetarian, ensuring its quality and suitability for a wide range of users.



During winter, the cold temperatures may cause the product to appear cloudy. However, simply allowing the product to sit at room temperature will restore its clarity. This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the performance of the product.



Due to the nature of delivery, the product may shift during transit. Rest assured that this does not impact the product’s quality or effectiveness.



Experience the magic of Shine ‘n Jam® Magic Fingers™ and unlock endless styling possibilities for your hair. From sleek braids to stylish twists, this versatile product will help you achieve the looks you desire. Embrace your creativity and enjoy the nourishing benefits of the carefully selected ingredients. Get ready to dazzle with Shine ‘n Jam® Magic Fingers™!

Weight0.50 kg
Dimensions9 × 9 × 9 cm

16oz, 8oz


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