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Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil

Have you ever gotten the urge for spontaneity?

Maybe I should change my hair!

Hmm…that’s it…let’s bleach!

Fast forward…it’s a few months later and without the proper care, bleaching is beginning to have effects on your hair. The comforting thing is that, when well cared for, hair grows or grows back!

Mielle Organics has, over the last decade, cemented itself as a front runner in the hair care industry, particularly owed to the fact that they boast a completely natural hair care formula. The brand has come under the spotlight again, this time for their Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil.



Rosemary oil has long been known in the beauty community to promote hair growth; proof not only in testimonials but science-backed evidence. Rosemary Oil promotes hair growth with its anti-inflammatory capabilities that stimulate more blood flow to the scalp. Increased blood flow promotes health of the scalp which means that hair follicles are healthier and able to grow more new hair, faster. The biotin extract in the oil formula has the rejuvenation capabilities needed to rehabilitate damaged strands and split ends.

Mielle Organics combines the power of rosemary with the tingle of mint to provide hair growth and regeneration magic in one bottle. The hair oil can be used as a daily application for scalp health, or it can be used as a treatment for split ends and the entire hair strand by incorporating it into a deep conditioning routine.


How to use? 

for Daily Scalp Application

Use the oil applicator and apply the product to already sectioned hair and style as usual.

for Deep Conditioning Treatment

Apply hair oil generously to hair, focusing particularly on the ends to help with split end treatment.

Put on processing cap and leave on for 10 minutes. Heat optional.

Rinse hair and proceed with wash routine.


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