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KUZA 100% Indian Hemp

KUZA 100% Indian Hemp

One of the many things that natural and relaxed/texturized hair has in common is the way that it adores scalp oils and pomades. Just like there are the leave-in conditioners and hair creams that keep our hair strands moisturized, there are the scalp oils and pomades that take care of our scalps and keep them healthy in order to promote hair growth.

The right scalp oil/pomade can have your hair looking healthy and growing quicker than you’ve imagined! There are also scalp oils/pomades that can be used for more than just moisturizing and hair growth.



Hair Selection is proud to carry the 100% Indian Hemp from the Kuza brand. This scalp pomade can be found in an 8 oz (226 g) container with a twist off top. The consistency of the 100% Indian Hemp is the same as any other pomade, which is thick. But, there are also some finely grained herbs within the oil that to help strengthen its healthy hair growth factor. The scent of the 100% Indian Hemp is one that is hard to define, but it definitely has a herbal scent to the ordinary scent of any other pomade.

The 100% Indian Hemp can be used on each and every hair type and texture. This is because it is mainly for the scalp rather than the hair, so it is safe for all to use! It also doesn’t matter what kind of state your hair is in. Whether you are having trouble with keeping your hair healthy and find that it is always dry, limp and breaking or even if your hair is as moisturized and full of volume as it’s ever been, you can definitely benefit from using the 100% Indian Hemp pomade! 100% Indian Hemp, with its great oils infused within it, is one of the most raved about scalp pomades and you have the chance to figure out for yourself just why that is!

Uses for this product:

  • Treats damaged hair
  • Promotes healthy hair growth
  • Prevents dry scalp
  • Helps hair feel soft and smooth


  • Take the desired amount of the product
  • Apply it directly to your scalp (remember to focus mainly on the dryer areas of your scalp)
  • Massage the product into your scalp
  • Style as desired

Styling Tip: To get the best results from using the 100% Indian Hemp, apply it to your scalp on a daily basis.


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