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Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair

Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair

For many, figuring out where to begin when it comes to hair extensions is the hardest part of the hair style. Human hair? Human Blend? Raw hair? Virgin hair? What do they mean? How do I choose? Join us while we attempt to make your decision easier by giving all the know-how in one-stop.

Today, we dissect the difference between raw hair and virgin hair. Firstly, we can set the standard that when looking for hair the quality goes from blended hair up to human hair and then in the top tier sits raw hair and virgin hair. This is to say that raw hair and human hair may run you a pretty penny but is it worth it?

Raw hair extensions are made with natural human hair that has not been chemically processed or altered by heat. Unaltered, hence the name raw hair. They are cut directly from a donor’s head, ensuring that the cuticles all point in the same direction. This helps to prevent tangles, which is one of the main reasons floor hair needs to be chemically processed. Since raw hair hasn’t been chemically altered or steamed processed, it only comes in three textures. Raw hair primarily comes in straight, natural wave and in curly, which is rare. There is no such thing as a deep wave, kinky curly, body wave, etc. when dealing with raw hair.  Raw hair does require different maintenance from virgin hair. As weird as it seems, raw hair needs a lot of moisturizing and conditioning, basically the same delicate treatment that you would give to hair that grows out of your own scalp.

Virgin hair is also classified as premium Human Hair. However, how does it differ from raw hair? Virgin hair is also cut directly from donors heads but unlike raw hair, it is processed chemically. This chemical processing allows virgin hair to come in different textures. These textures are primarily called body wave, deep wave, water wave, straight etc. It is, like raw hair, able to be bleached, coloured and styled using heat. However the grade at which virgin hair can withstand those conditions will be lower than raw hair simply because of the fact that raw hair is unprocessed.




Both hair types are excellent choices when buying hair without a budget.


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