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Eco Style Sport – 16oz

Eco Style Sport – 16oz


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Eco Style Sport Styling Gel is formulated with strong holding power for when you need your hair to stay in place during sports and active lifestyles. It is weightless and provides gravity defying hold for all styles. Eco Style Sport Gel is water based and will provide moisture to help maintain healthy hair. Eco Style is here for all the ways you style and is made for all hair types and textures. Explore our wide array of gels made with the ingredients suited to your specific hair needs. The result is simplified styling with unlimited potential.
  • MAINTAIN YOUR MOISTURIZED MANE. Our Sport Styling Gel is alcohol-free and made with a water base formula that disperses moisture into your hair shaft, loosening each strand for a lighter feel. It helps nurture hair and promotes healthy growth.


  • LONG LASTING LUSTER. Keep stunning styles shining with our hair gel. Your hair will remain supple and moisturized without wax or grease. This is the ideal styling product to work into your morning routine and give you a boost of confidence.


  • SUPERIOR HOLD. Don’t choose between hydration and hold! This hair gel provides superior staying power while keeping your hair moisturized with natural ingredients. Feel confident knowing your hairstyle won’t gently deflate throughout the day.


  • FIND YOUR PERFECT GEL. We offer the largest selection of hair styling gels so that you can choose the right gel for any style you desire. Our gels are designed to condition as you style, while maximizing hold duration, frizz and moisture control.
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