Winter can be a very sad time for most; from the cold temperatures to the lack of sunshine and the occasional bout of seasonal depression. However, a tough winter for you does not have to be tough on your hair. 
Today, we share one secret that experts say is guaranteed to have your hair looking and feeling moisturized:

A humidifier. Yes! You read correctly. 

The main issue facing hair in the winter is how badly the air from indoor heating systems can dry out the strands and scalp. Rehydration can be a bit of a headache as it will require constant application of leave-in conditioners or the incorporation of more deep conditioners into the hair routine. Want less hassle, that’s where the humidifier comes in. 

The rehydration of the air in you living/sleeping space will significantly decrease the rate at which moisture is drawn from the hair thereby keeping your strands— whether kinky, curly or straight—looking and feeling softer for longer.